About us

Established in 1968, Alutool (Preform Die) Co Ltd is located in Cheltenham United Kingdom.

We are a leading high technology provider of Extrusion Dies to the Aluminium Industry. Our Traditional and Patented Design methods, allow us to provide extrusion solutions for a wide range of Extrusion Profiles. Alutool are currently the only company licensed to supply Patented Preform Zero Dies. Preform Dies have revolutionised the capability of Extruders to extrude thin-walled Profiles.

To utilise our innovative design and manufacturing techniques, Alutool are using the latest Solid Modelling, Computer Aided Machining and Machine Tool technology. During the development of Preform Dies, we were required to work to finer tolerances than Conventional Die Manufacturers. These working practices are now benefiting the quality of our Conventional Dies.

As a client focused manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to fulfil or exceed their expectations. This is due to the effective production methods, that allow us to supply innovately designed, high technology tools at a cost effective price.